Pallet Requirements

Palletised deliveries will only be accepted when they meet the following requirements:

  • UK GKN or Equivalent Standard – 4 way pallets
  • Good quality Euro pallets

If cartons are placed on pallets, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • The cartons must be loaded in sequential carton number order.
  • All carton labels and packing lists must be facing outwards.
  • The height (excluding pallet) must NOT exceed 1.6m.
  • Pallets may not be double stacked.
  • The contents must be secured onto the pallets using clear shrink-wrap.
  • Pallets should be clearly labelled with a pallet label, detailing the PO(s) and the number of cartons per PO on the pallet.

A loose loaded container must be loaded in sequential order (snake loaded) by PO and style.

Any pallet causing a health and safety issue will be rejected at the time of delivery.