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Please be sure to regularly check this page for the latest vendor updates.

All of the below updates have been emailed out to our vendor base. If you missed any of these and need a copy of the full email update, then please reach out to EU Vendor Relations.

Please also ensure your TradeStone Vendor Profile is up to date with the most accurate email address to ensure you receive these important business notifications going forward: How to Update your Vendor Profile

June 2024

⭐ Effective June 24th, all Free People POs shipping to both the US and UK/EU will now require a NEW RFID Ticket/Label. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) applied to product provides item tracking capabilities and supports Free People Retail initiatives. The RFID circuit will be embedded in the Free People Ticket/Label but the appearance of the Free People Ticket/Label will not change.

As of June 24th, all Free People POs with a ship date of August 1st or later will be re-transmitted to Fineline and Checkpoint to include the RFID Ticket/Label component. Vendors who have already released their orders from Fineline or Checkpoint will not be required to re-release – please apply the existing Tickets/Labels released from the Service Bureaus . Vendors who have not ordered their Tickets/Labels for POs with a ship date of August 1st or later will be required to release RFID Tickets/Labels. No additional action is required by the Vendor.

For further information on handling requirements, please see here: EU Pre-Ticketing and Packaging Guidelines

May 2024

⭐ Please see below the Shipping Schedule for Turkey - Eid al-Adha 2024:


April 2024

⭐ The weight of each carton must not exceed 15kgs unless the individual unit is greater than 15kgs. Any carton heavier than 15kgs containing more than 1 Unit requires URBN approval before shipping and would need to be appropriately marked. Please mark the carton on the outside as ‘HEAVY- 2 PERSON LIFT’ if approved to ship. Please contact vrsupport.eu@urbn.com for approval on this before shipping.

March 2024

⭐ Please see the below Shipping Schedule for Easter 2024:


February 2024

⭐ REMINDER: EU Vendors fulfilling Domestic Own Carrier POs shipping to PFC will now be required to enter tracking information (once their POs have shipped) onto the Packing List for each PO in Tradestone. For further guidance, please click here!

February 2024

⭐ As of 1st February, monetary Chargebacks will now be issued for all Tradestone Non-Compliance in line with all other Chargebacks raised at PFC. Please visit the Chargebacks section of the Vendor Website to see the full list of Chargeback Expense Codes and Violation costs and also, guidance on how to view Chargebacks directly in Tradestone can be found here!

Please therefore ensure you familiarise yourself with the Vendor Process Map and the Tradestone Training section of the EU Vendor Website.

January 2024

⭐ As of 1st January 2024, HMRC are no longer accepting Origin Statements for DCTS preferential countries that show the text ‘Generalised Systems of preferences (GSP)’ or ‘European Union’. Further guidance on valid proofs of origin for the DCTS and what to enter onto your Tradestone Commercial Invoice, can be found on the DCTS Scheme webpage!

January 2024

⭐ Effective January 17th, there are NEW Manufacturer Requirements for Urban Outfitters EU POs, impacting all EU Ownbuy Vendors, both Dual and Market. For further information, please reach out for a full copy of the relevant communication.

January 2024

⭐ Please see the Spring Festival Schedule for Chinese New Year 2024. This includes Vendor Cargo Booking and Handover Cut Offs. Please note, some dates are subject to change so it is advised that you regularly check the EU Vendor Website for updates here!

December 2023

⭐ Please see below URBN EU's Shipping Schedule for EU Origins over the Holiday Season 2023. Please note this information is applicable for EU Purchase Orders shipping to Peterborough Fulfilment Centre (PFC) only:


December 2023

⭐ To maintain a controlled delivery environment at PFC, it is important we adhere to booking deadlines. Therefore, any Own Carrier delivery, booked day 1 for day 2 delivery, must be placed and confirmed back by 10am the day prior to delivery. Any booking made outside of this time will not be accommodated for the following day. For our Own Carrier requirements, click here!

November 2023

⭐ The URBN Furniture Packaging Guidelines and Furniture Package Testing Requirements have been updated to reflect specific requirements and guidance as it pertains to furniture products. Please review the updated documentation on the US and EU Vendor Website: EU Furniture Packaging, Carton, Pallet Requirements

If a product is not included in the above document(s), it does not mean it is exempt from proper packaging, regulations, and/or testing or labeling. These documents are intended to serve as additional clarification to URBN expectations, including best packaging practices and furniture transit testing requirements.

November 2023

Effective December 6th, PFC will utilise a NEW list of Chargeback Expense Code and Violation costs to monitor Vendor Compliance. The calculation of URBN Chargebacks and associated violations/fees has now been updated to ensure all URBN Brands (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and now, Free People) are in alignment. Labour and material costs have also been updated to align with current market rates. Apart from Tradestone Compliance, all NEW Expense Codes are associated with existing requirements previously monitored by PFC. Therefore, Vendors are expected to accept Chargebacks for non-compliance.

Also effective December 6th, PFC will begin monitoring Tradestone Compliance – ensuring the use of a valid Tradestone Packing List, ASN, and Tradestone UCC-128 Carton label. It is vital that vendors use Tradestone to produce their packing lists, carton labels, and commercial invoices to support the PFC receiving process and ensure timely payment. All NEW Tradestone Compliance Chargebacks will be raised as a WARNING (with no monetary value) until January 31st, giving Vendors ample time to ensure compliance for the above mentioned Tradestone Requirements. Please therefore ensure you familiarise yourself with the Vendor Process Map and the Tradestone Training section of the EU Vendor Website. Effective February 1st, monetary Chargebacks will be issued for Tradestone Non-Compliance.

October 2023

⭐ The URBN Regulatory Guidelines have been updated to reflect new and updated regulations across the US, Canada, UK and EU. To view these, please click here!

October 2023

⭐ For those vendors exporting goods from the US and Canada to PFC, UK, we are looking to hold a Virtual Vendor Conference and would appreciate your feedback to help us plan for this. For more information and access to the survey, please contact EU Transportation

September 2023

⭐ There have been some PO and Packing List enhancements in Tradestone to OMNI POs with dual allocation. To see what these are, please review the Tradestone User Manual!

August 2023

⭐ Ownbrand Vendors accepting a UK/EU Purchase Order in Tradestone will now be required to enter an MID. The MID will populate a COO (Country of Origin) affiliated with the Manufacturer Country. Please review the Ownbrand Vendor instructions for Entering the MID on a UK/EU Purchase Order- this guidance will mirror the US instructions exactly.

August 2023

⭐ Effective September 1st, Vendors may only access Tradestone using the following link. Please SAVE this URL for use: https://urban.bamboorose.com/

June 2023

⭐ With the upcoming June Public holiday in Turkiye, Zencargo's logistics partner, Karinca, have notified URBN that they will not be accepting any goods from Monday 26th June - Monday 3rd July. With this week long closure, please use the below expedited schedule if needed to help move orders for the following week:

Monday 3rd July: Orders booked by the Vendor in Zencargo's Portal
Tuesday 4th July: Brand Approval by the regular cut off time in UK
Wednesday 5th July: Goods Handover at Origin
Thursday 6th July: Goods Departure

However, the normal booking process will also be in place this week for all other POs.

May 2023

⭐ Various US states, Canada, and the UK & EU have proposed or passed legislation surrounding the use of PFAS in consumer goods – enacting restrictions, warning requirements, and/or reporting requirements. We urge you to research the topic and understand how legislation impacts the products you sell to URBN. For further information on this, please click here!

May 2023

⭐ Please note: the URL to access Tradestone has changed. Please access via https://urban.bamboorose.com/

May 2023

⭐ Please be advised that Tradestone will be down beginning on Friday, May 12th at 3pm EST until Sunday, May 14th at 6pm EST. Please be sure to convert the times advised in EST to your local time zone. Vendors will be required to plan Tradestone use accordingly. Tradestone non-compliance will be subject to chargebacks regardless of this planned system outage.

May 2023

⭐ URBN's Regulatory Guidelines have been updated. Click here to see the NEW guidelines!

April 2023

From May 1st, all bookings for road freight out of Morocco will need to be made via Zencargo. Bookings for all Moroccan origin POs from May 1st will therefore need to be made via Zencargo's portal. Any Moroccan origin POs already booked will ship as normal via EV Cargo. For further guidance on how to use Zencargo's portal, please click here!

March 2023

⭐ Following a recent tender process, we are pleased to announce that Ligentia have been appointed as our NEW supply chain management partner for URBN EU. This will apply for all Ocean & Air Freight shipment bookings from 1st May 2023 for POs shipping to PFC, UK only. This has no impact to the current U.S forwarder process, the current UK road freight process or the current UK courier process. These bookings should be made through the Ligentia, LIGENTIX system. All bookings prior to May, 1st 2023 should still be made on the EV Cargo, LIMA Portal as per the process outlined here!

If you have not heard from Ligentia yet, please reach out directly to them (URBNvendor@cx.ligentia.com) to ensure you are familiar with their LIGENTIX system and processes so that you can book POs with them from 1st May 2023.

March 2023

⭐ Due to Eid al-Fitr, vendor bookings, authorisations and handovers need to be brought forward for that week:

• All vendor bookings must be made on Monday 17th April
• All URBN authorisations will be actioned on Tuesday 18th April
• All goods must be handed over before Wednesday 19th April at 17:00pm local time

Turkiye handover place will be closed from Thursday 20th April until Monday 24th April and then it will return to business as usual.

Zencargo have been informed that the authorisations are being brought forward for that week also.

March 2023

⭐ Accounts Payable are pleased to announce a new way of communicating with them: The EU Accounts Payable Vendor Query Form. The Form allows AP to gather vital information from you to help them respond to your query more efficiently. They are able to assist with queries around:

• invoice payment for POs shipping to PFC
• the payment portal - iSupplier
• CR99 deductions (deductions on remittances for price or unit discrepencies)
• remittances
• updating bank details

To access the form, please visit the Contact Us page.

March 2023

⭐ Welcome to our NEW Vendor Website! On Tuesday, March 7th at 6:00pm EST, URBN transitioned the Global Vendor Website to a NEW Platform – Vendors will automatically be re-directed to the NEW website at vendor.urbn.com. The previous Vendor Website (urbnvendor.com) is no longer available.

Please be advised, the requirements outlined on the US and EU Vendor Website have not changed. At this point in time, the URBN Vendor requirements remain the same. The Website has been reformatted and organized to assist Vendors in finding required information, in addition to aligning the format of the US and EU Vendor pages. Vendors are still required to visit the respective pages of the US and EU Vendor Website prior to fulfilling a Purchase Order. Please remember to discard of any previously bookmarked browser pages or downloaded PDFs from the Vendor Website.

We are excited to announce the following NEW Features!

• Google Translate Tool, including 100 + languages! Use the Google Translate tool to translate written content and navigation. Please note, the translation tool cannot support translating PDF documents, images, or Video content.
• Simplified sidebar Navigation! All pages have now been reformatted to the left sidebar – Vendors can view the available page(s) within each category before selecting a page.
• Embedded PDFs are included where applicable, allowing documents to be easily readable without selecting an additional website link. Use the zoom in and zoom out features of the embedded PDF as needed.
• Please be advised, the US and EU Internal Brand Portals are for URBN Internal Use Only. Vendors will not have access to these pages and will receive a 403 Forbidden error if selected.

January 2023

⭐ Urban Outfitters EU are pleased to announce the launch of their new BDG branding for Retail tickets, Labels and Wovens. Any POs released from the service bureaus after the Go Live date of January 27th, will display the new 2023 release of BDG branding on the Retail Ticket and Label. See further guidance on how to attach/insert per the Urban Outfitters Brand Label and Insertion Guide. Please reach out to your buyer if you have any additional questions about using up old stock with the old branding!

January 2023

⭐ URBN EU are pleased to launch a new 100% recycled and recyclable polybag through our partner, Mainetti. All vendors shipping EU Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie Purchase Orders to PFC should switch to using this product with immediate effect to ensure that we can all work steadily towards eliminating single use plastic from our packaging. UO vendors should use up old UO branded stock first. For more information, please view the EU Pre-Ticketing and Packaging Guidelines and Mainetti Ordering Guide in the Pre-Ticketing and Packaging Compliance section!

December 2022

⭐ In case you weren’t aware, we wanted to inform you about the French AGEC Law. The French anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC) aims to fight against waste and to set up a circular economy. More specifically, it is about changing the production and consumption model to reduce waste and preserve natural resources, biodiversity and the climate. To help achieve this, vendors will be required to comply with the labeling of goods identifying the mandatory Triman logo along with sorting instructions appropriate to the product. For further information on this, please click here!

December 2022

⭐ Please be advised of the following Chinese New Year impact on Fineline and Checkpoint production (there is no impact to Elite’s production):

Fineline: Last day to release an order for printing/shipping out of the Shenzhen print facility is January 15.
Checkpoint: Last day to release an order for printing/shipping out of China is December 15.

December 2022

⭐ For any EU POs being handed over in Istanbul and shipping to PFC, Zencargo have advised that their Place of Handover Warehouse will be closed on Friday 30th December 2022. As this is their usual day for handover of goods, they have requested that all goods be with them by 5:00pm (TRT) on Thursday 29th December 2022. No goods will be accepted on Friday 30th December 2022 as the facility will be closed. The warehouse will be back open as usual on Monday 2nd January 2023.

November 2022

⭐ URBN EU have made some changes to the Pre-ticketing Guidance for Furniture shipping to PFC. Furniture now no longer requires a Retail Price Ticket/Label. Furniture does however, still require a 3×3 Direct Label. Classes impacted are:

Urban Outfitters


To see this change in our guidelines and for support on how to pre-ticket for any other classes, please view our EU Pre-Ticketing and Packaging Guidelines.

November 2022

⭐ For EU vendors shipping via our GAP DC in the U.S, guidance has now been added to our website. Please note, this is not a new process, but it is the first time guidance has been formally outlined on our website. To establish whether your EU PO is shipping via our GAP DC, you will see the Place of Handover displayed as GFC – URBN GAP DC on your POs with code 10004. To see the guidelines, please click here!

October 2022

⭐ As Saturday 29th October is Republic Day in Turkey, Zen Cargo (the EU’s nominated freight forwarder for Turkey Shipments) have made us aware that all EU POs shipping to PFC (UK) must be at their Turkey warehouse, no later than Thursday 27th October at 4pm. Therefore, vendors must submit their bookings on Zen’s platform by Wednesday 26th October at 4pm. Vendors will have to wait until Monday to handover if this cutoff is missed. This update is only applicable for EU vendors shipping POs via Istanbul to PFC.

October 2022

⭐ EU Vendors fulfilling Domestic POs shipping to PFC will now be required to enter tracking information (once their POs have shipped) onto the Packing List for each PO in Tradestone. For further guidance, please click here!

September 2022

⭐ There are a number of public holidays in October, globally. Checknet will be closing for some of these. Please therefore ensure you order tickets/labels in advance of these dates. Closures listed below:

-Checkpoint China ZJG (Bank Holiday) closed on 10/1/2022 – 10/7/2022
-Checkpoint China Dongguan (Bank Holiday) closed on 10/1/2022
-Checkpoint China Dongguan (Bank Holiday) closed on 10/3/2022 – 10/7/2022
-Checkpoint India Chennai (Bank Holiday) closed on 10/4/2022
-Checkpoint Spain (ETI) (Bank Holiday) closed on 10/12/2022

September 2022

⭐ Free People have made updates to their tickets/labels. This does not require any changes to the vendor process, you will simply see a new code for tickets/labels when ordering from one of our preferred service bureaus. New codes listed below:


August 2022

⭐ URBN are pleased to introduce new guidelines for shipping bulky items to our UK DC (PFC) including furniture, upholstery and mirrors. To see these, please click here!

July 2022

⭐ As of Wednesday July 20th, Tradestone (URBN’s PLM System) has been updated to reflect the change in requirements for completing the Tradestone Packing List and Commercial Invoice.

To support this, the Tradestone User Manual has been updated along with the Tradestone Training Videos. Please ensure you familiarise yourselves with the new processes.

July 2022

⭐ Please see below updates for the week of 04.07 and 13.07 for Turkish Shipments due to Turkish Bank Holidays:

06.07.2022 Wednesday 12.00 - Last day for approval of goods to ship the same week.
07.07.2022 Thursday until 12.00 - Last day for accepting goods to our agent in Turkey.
08.07.2022 Friday until 12.00 – Last day to share the commercial documents to our agent in Turkey. Warehouse will be closed after 12.00 on Friday 08.07.
12.07.2022 Tuesday 12.00 – Last day for approval of goods to ship the same week.
13.07.2022 Wednesday until 12.00 – Last day for accepting goods to our agent in Turkey.
14.07.2022 Thursday until 12.00 - Last day to share the commercial documents. June 2022

June 2022

⭐ As a reminder, the UKCA Mark for select products placed on the market will be mandatory to ensure compliance in the UK beginning January 1st 2023. The transition period began January 1st 2021. The UKCA mark applies to most goods subject to the CE mark. To ensure compliance with the regulations in the UK and EU, URBN will require both the UKCA and CE mark for all applicable products placed on the market on or after January 1st 2023.

May 2022

⭐ There is a bank holiday in the UK from Thursday 2nd June to Friday 3rd June. Due to this, approval dates for Turkish shipments destined for the UK will be moving forward by one day.

Vendor Booking Deadline: Tuesday 31st May at 4pm
URBN Head Office Approval Deadline: Wednesday 1st June at 2pm.

Handover times remain the same.

April 2022

⭐ NEW Component Packing Guidelines have been launched to support when 1 SKU is packed in 2 or more cartons. To see these, please click here!

February 2022

⭐ NEW Guidelines to support EU Pre-Ticketing + Packaging Requirements for vendors shipping POs to PFC (URBN’s Peterborough DC in the UK) have now been established. URBN will also be launching a NEW Pre-Pack (PPK) 3×3 Label on Sunday February 6th. This is for pre-packs only, not loose units! To view further guidance on both of these new updates, please click here! Additional to this, our Carton and Pallet Compliance Guidelines have also been updated. Please click here to see these!

Please note: failure to comply with the above compliance guidelines will result in chargebacks being raised. For further guidance on how to view your chargebacks directly in TradeStone, please see our Chargeback Guidelines on the EU Vendor Website.

January 2022

⭐ Please be advised that a new entity has been created for Free People EU Purchase Orders raised to ship to PFC in the UK. To accommodate this change, URBN will begin writing POs and Invoices to the new entity. Please refer to the important dates below for the schedule to begin writing POs and Invoices to the new entity.

New Entity: URBN UK LTD

Important Dates:
Tuesday, February 1st: Free People EU POs raised on and after 2/1 will reflect the NEW entity – URBN UK LTD.
Tuesday, February 15th: Invoices for Free People EU POs that are generated in Tradestone on and after 2/15 will reflect the NEW entity – URBN UK LTD.

January 2022

⭐ Effective Wednesday, January 12th, the process to enter the Country of Origin (COO) on the PO prior to PO Acceptance will change. The only change to COO entry is the removal of COO on the PO Overview tab. COO will no longer be entered at the header level. Vendors will be required to enter COO for each SKU on the Details tab instead. For further guidance, please see here!

January 2022

⭐ Please be advised that Checkpoint has increased the Minimum Order Value (MOV) to $25. The MOV was previously $15. Any orders that do not meet the cost of $25 in the value of tickets/labels alone will automatically be charged $25. URBN recommends releasing the tickets and labels for multiple POs at the same time to meet the minimum. The increase will apply to any orders placed on and after January 1, 2022. At this time, the MOV for Fineline is still $15.

Additionally, please see below for Service Bureau Chinese New Year Closures:

Checkpoint: last day to release orders for printing/shipping out of China and Vietnam is January 10th.
Fineline: last day to release an order for printing/shipping out of the Shenzhen print facility is January 17th.
Elite (Urban Outfitters UK only): Not currently producing/releasing orders in Asia.

October 2021

⭐ To all of our Turkish vendors, please be sure to see our vendor booking deadlines for the upcoming Turkish holidays:


October 2021

⭐ As we enter our peak season, we kindly ask that all vendors remind themselves of our requirements. Please use our Vendor Process Map to refresh on all of the key requirements. Failure to comply with these could result in chargebacks being raised!

July 2021

⭐ We are pleased to announce that our third party service bureau, Checkpoint/Checknet, have a new facility now open in Spain as of July 1st! For a full list of the locations of all of our service bureaus’ print facilities, please click here!

Please note: certain ticket types are only available at select printing facilities – the bureaus will default the nearest printing facility to the vendor based on product availability. Vendors are expected to cover all freight and duty from the designated print location to their point of delivery.

June 2021

⭐ As of June 28th, all vendors shipping from Turkey will be required to handover their goods to our new partner, Zencargo. From this date, no POs will be accepted into the DC that have shipped via Davies Turker/Ekol. Zencargo is in the process of contacting all vendors with a handover point within Turkey. Please ensure you respond to their communication by the end of the week to get set up on their system to be able to make bookings! For further information on this, please see the Shipping Information section of our vendor website where information will be made live on June 28th!

May 2021

⭐ URBN’s Terms and Conditions have been updated as of May 13th 2021 (section 3e has been updated). To view these, please click here!

May 2021

⭐ POs still in NEW status (not yet accepted by the vendor) that are revised by the URBN buying team, will no longer prompt a PO status change to URBN Revision. Market vendors will no longer receive a PO revision email for changes made prior to PO acceptance. A PO will only be considered as ‘revised’ when a revision is made after the PO has been accepted in TradeStone.

May 2021

⭐ Our UK distribution centre is relocating. Over the next few months, you will see a change to the ‘ship to’ location on your POs. Please ensure all POs are accepted! The new DC will be referenced as PFC (Peterborough Fulfilment Centre). The relocation to our new site is being phased over the coming months but all purchase orders will be directed to our new fulfilment centre from July 19th 2021 onwards. However, as noted above, please make sure you are aware of the ‘ship to’ location indicated on your purchase order. Our new address is:

URBN Peterborough Fulfilment Centre, Unit 3, Forli Strada, Alwalton Hill, Peterborough, PE7 3HH

April 2021

⭐ A series of new multiple price tickets and labels has launched for Urban Outfitters only! These will replace existing single price tickets and labels for all new orders and any existing orders you have not yet received tickets/labels for. All of our service bureaus are set up to print these and the expectation is that you order through them directly. The Print Centre will not be printing these orders any more.

Please Note: This does not impact Anthropologie or Free People brands/POs!

April 2021

⭐ Please be advised that as of 13th April 2021, the Packing List Screen in TradeStone will be revised.

Please Note: The method for creating your Packing Lists has not changed, and you will only notice differences in the layout and field names.

April 2021

⭐ For those vendors who make a booking directly with our DC bookings team brequest@urbn.com, you will now be required to enter a customs description directly in TradeStone before requesting the booking. For further guidance on how to enter this information, please visit the Customs Descriptions of Goods page.

March 2021

⭐ TradeStone now has two new queries that enable vendors to see if/when their POs have been received. You will find the instructions here: How to Check whether your POs have been Received in TradeStone.

February 2021

⭐ Urban Outfitters EU are pleased to launch a 100% recycled and recyclable poly bag through our new partner, Mainetti. All UO EU vendors should switch to using this product with immediate effect to ensure that we can all work steadily towards eliminating single use plastic from our packaging. For further guidance on this, please visit our Pre-Ticketing and Packaging Guidelines.

Please Note: these poly bags are only to be used by vendors fulfilling Urban Outfitters EU orders!

January 2021

⭐ HM Revenue & Customs has published new guidance on UK GSP rules. It is no longer acceptable for registered exporters using the REX system to make their preferential origin statements on our TradeStone commercial invoices. For further information on this, please visit the Preferential Certificates page.

December 2020

⭐ We have now introduced Incoterms to all EU purchase orders as part of a phased update from Dec 21st 2020. Please be sure to check the Incoterms before accepting your PO.

December 2020

⭐ On December 2nd 2020, it was announced that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) placed all cotton and cotton products from Xinjiang Production and Construction Corporation (“XPCC”) and its subordinate and affiliated entities on the Withhold Release Orders (“WRO”) list, based on information that reasonably indicates the use of forced labor, including convict labour. To see the full announcement and for a copy of the update that was sent out to all vendors, please reach out to EU Vendor Relations!

December 2020

⭐ The Brexit transition period exit date is scheduled for December 31st 2020, at which point, the UK will leave the EU single Market and Customs Union. This outcome will have an impact on product conformity assessment, product marking and market access for the products URBN sells within the UK and EU. To find out what this means for you as a vendor, please reach out to EU Vendor Relations for a copy of the update that was sent out to all vendors.

November 2020

⭐ All video tutorials have now been updated for help with using TradeStone – please visit the TradeStone Training section to watch these!

August 2020

Anthropologie vendors only! From Monday 17th August, our UK DC will be relocating. Please ensure you check the ‘Ship To’ field on the PO to see if this has been raised to our new DC in Peterborough (shows as PFC on the PO Report). If you ship with our nominated carrier then they will ensure the goods gets to our new DC for you but if you ship using your own carrier, then please ensure you ship to our new address. For more information, please visit the Shipping Via Own Carrier page.

March 2020

⭐ We have now rolled out our new TradeStone Commercial Invoice capability, to include UK VAT – please visit the Payment Procedures page for further information!

August 2019

⭐ We have now launched a new ticketing bureau for Urban Outfitters – Elite labels. They’ll be printing and dispatching tickets in both Turkey and the UK – please visit the Service Bureaus page for further guidance!