How to Enter COO MID and Accept/Re-accept PO

All EU Vendors are required to enter a valid COO prior to PO Acceptance.

Please ensure you carefully review your PO before accepting it. The How to Read your PO page may also be useful to review at this stage. Please pay particular attention to the following fields on your PO:

  • the currency that your PO has been raised in and ensure that this matches the default currency on your TradeStone vendor profile that you agreed to work with us in, upon initial set up.
  • the price for each individual unit and also the total PO price.
  • the pay terms.
  • the SKU/style/size/colour of the units ordered.
  • the total units for each SKU/style/size/colour and also the total quantity of units for the whole PO.
  • the Incoterms to ensure all are familiar with responsibility and risk.
  • the handover location as you will be handing over the goods to our nominated freight forwarder at this location.
  • the dates outlined on the PO.

If there is anything you are not happy with on your PO, you should reach out to the URBN buying team directly to have the PO amended before you accept the PO, generate packing lists or commercial invoices in TradeStone.

Once the PO is accepted, this becomes a legal agreement and you must then ship in line with the PO.