French AGEC Requirements

French Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy

The anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC) aims, as its name suggests, to fight against waste and to set up a circular economy. More specifically, it is about changing the production and consumption model in order to reduce waste and preserve natural resources, biodiversity and the climate.

URBN is working toward providing more transparent information as well as limiting waste production through promoting reuse, recycling and donation of its products. To achieve this, vendors will be required to comply with the labeling of goods identifying the Triman logo along with sorting instructions appropriate to the product. This information should be made available on the product, its packaging, or other documents supplied with the product (such as a notice or accompanying instructions).

The Triman logo is a mandatory, unified signage for end-of-life products created from the French Decree No. 2014-15733 to harmonize the separate collection systems within France. This symbol was introduced to provide a more readily understandable symbol for citizens and consumers in France to ensure recyclable products are separated at end of life. On January 1, 2022, new modifications were made and the Triman logo must be accompanied by further sorting instructions (Info-Tri). Since Info-Tri varies for different product groups, it is important that the vendor identifies the sorting instructions applicable to their specific product.

There are 2 elements that must appear and be inseparable: Triman signage & information that details the procedures for sorting or disposing of waste from the product (info-sorting). The accompanying sorting instructions must comply with the requirements identified under the product’s respective recycling system. URBN’s common product categories with accompanying recycling systems can be found below however vendors are responsible for ensuring all applicable products comply with the entirety of the law. The full list of relevant products can be found here. Information on the Triman logo and sorting instructions can be found in article 17 of the AGEC law.

Product Type Recycling System
Household packaging Adelphe, CITEO, Léko
Textiles (Apparel, accessories, footwear, and home textiles) Refashion
Electronics Ecologic, Ecosystem
Furniture Eco-mobilier
Toys Eco-mobilier

More information about URBN’s common product categories with accompanying recycling systems as well as a FAQ can be found here.

Example of Signage:

(Triman Logo)

(Triman Logo with Sorting Instructions for Textiles)

Vendors may also be required to provide information on the traceability and environmental characteristics of covered products at a future date. Guidance on the relevant article of the AGEC law can be found here. Vendors should join their product’s applicable Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) to obtain all information required for their product.