How to Create a Packing List, Carton Labels and Invoice

All POs should be shipped with TradeStone documentation. Each PO should have its own packing list and set of carton labels.

A Tradestone Commercial invoice is generated from an approved Packing List and required for All POs. EU Import POs shipping together under the same consignee on the same AWB (Air) or BOL (Ocean) shipment should be combined on the same Commercial Invoice. For further guidance on how to consolidate multiple POs onto one invoice, please see the TradeStone User Manual!

Please visit the Payment Procedures section to see the full invoicing process and to ensure VAT is applied correctly to invoices, if applicable.

Please note, vendors are discouraged from mixing SKUs/styles within a PO and encouraged to pack one SKU per carton whenever possible. However, SKUs/styles can be mixed in a carton within a PO as long as they are clearly separated, using lightweight, recyclable material. If this is needed, then please build the packing list but before any detail is entered, follow the video guidance on How to Create a Mixed Carton to generate all mixed cartons first before proceeding with building the rest of the packing list.