EU Print Centre

The Print Centre will service all of our UK vendors for Anthropologie and Free People only, delivering product into the URBN distribution campus in Peterborough, UK. All other vendors should register with a one of our preferred service bureaus to order their tickets and labels.

All tickets dispatched from our UK based Print Centre will be done so under DAP terms. It will be the responsibility of the vendor to pay any applicable duties and taxes on import into the destination country.

You will not need to directly register with the EU Print Centre. Your vendor details will be pulled through from your TradeStone profile. Please therefore ensure your ticketing address and billing address are up to date as per the instructions on our Update Vendor Information page. Please ensure you press save and submit to URBN once any updates are made. For any assistance with this, please reach out to

The Print Centre will provide our vendors with price tickets, bar coded tickets, and labels for our Retail and Direct Channels.

Your buyer will indicate on the purchase order that the merchandise is to be ticketed / labelled.

Your buyer will be responsible for completing the ticket request information when raising the purchase orders. This information is passed onto the UK print centre.

The UK print centre will then produce the tickets / labels and send them to you.

Please allow 2 days for printing and up to 5 days for shipping, from the time that your order has been issued.

Under the existing process the vendor will be responsible for the cost of the tickets / labels and the cost of freight associated with the delivery. Lost or damaged tickets will be the responsibility of the vendor to replace.

The vendor will be billed directly for the tickets / labels and is responsible for paying the invoice provided by the UK print centre. Each shipment will include a commercial invoice. A copy of the invoice will also be sent through by email along with guidance on your payment terms. Please reference the invoice number on your payment.

All accounts that exceed 60 days past due will be placed on hold. No new orders will be released for printing until their past due balance is paid in full.

You can check the status of your account by contacting the print shop administration team at

Do not send un-ticketed / unlabeled merchandise unless approved by the buyer. Vendors are also responsible for verifying the purchase order and ticket / label information, and to ensure accurate damage-free placement in accordance with the instructions found on this website. If a particular product is not covered in these guidelines, please call the buyer for proper ticketing instructions.

Do not make any changes to information on the printed tickets or labels.

Freight Costs for Tickets/Labels:

Delivery Destination Freight Cost Transit Time Trackable
UK £5.00 Next Day Yes
Rest of Europe £10.00 3 Days Yes
Overseas £15.00 5 days Yes

Cost per Ticket/Label:

Cost per Ticket Cost per Label
£0.03 £0.01